Medical costs

The first Adaś surgery is predicted for September 2016 by Dr. Milud Shadi in Poznań. Preliminary cost is about PLN10,000. Unfortunately, the queues for such treatment in National Health Fund (NFZ) are extremely long (not less than few years). We can't wait so long because Adam,s leg basic reconstruction must be done no later than between 12 and 18 months of age.

The next long lasting therapy includes lenghtening Adam's limb by applying special external fixator. Lengthening by external fixation always involves two phases: distraction phase (bone cutting) and consolidation phase. Each phase requires also advanced surgery. The lengthening of the leg will be repeated every 3 years until the end of the growth up period, that is approx. 17 years of age. One Ilizarov apparatus costs PLN 20,000. Adaś will have to move with the help special ortez prepared to specially composed order.


Adaś is facing with many painful surgeries and long lasting phisical therapy. 


We are asking for any support to raise funds for our little boy treatment. Thank you.