Hi, My name is Adaś. I was born on 25 September 2015 in Gliwice. During the entire period when I still lived in the tummy of my Mum I was expected to be a fully healthy boy but after my birth the doctors communicated the alarming message to my parents: "….you have a beautiful son, unfortunately he has a deformed leg...".


I certainly know how scary of a message for them it was, and how they were worried but I also feel that they love me so much and will do everything that they can to get help for me.


Very soon after my birth I was taken to the Child Health Centre in Cracow where I passed the first medical examinations. Doctors formulated the diagnosis: "Fibular Hemimelia". It is a congenital anomaly that affects about 1 in every 40,000 live births - lack of the calf bone. My left foot is also malformed and has only 4 toes, the entire leg is shorter than the other by 2 cm and predictable shortening as much as 17 cm! I don't have a fibula - the outer bone that extends from the knee to the ankle. There are two treatment options: lengthen the bone through twice a year surgery until I'm full-grown or amputate. Add to it, my pediatrician recognized I'm anemic.


After several visits with my parents at various specialists in orthopaedics we finally found a proper path to Dr. Milud Shadi - specialist in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology who declared willingness to preserve my limb by comprehensive medical treatment. Thus my parents left that first consultation with an approximate plan and a good understanding of what would be involved so they have chosen to reconstruct and lengthen my leg.


There is a very long and painful treatment ahead of me, but I believe now that one day I'll be ready to go for our first walk on my feet with my parents,run and play like other children do! My first surgery is scheduled for September 2016 when I'll be one year old. The scope of this surgery includes initial reconstructions of my foot, straightening the shinbone out and ankle positioning.


The next surgeries are expected to cause the leg become elongated with special Ilizarow orthopaedic apparatus. The external fixator will be applied on my leg every three years up to 17 years old! Unfortunately, the therapy described above is extremely expensive. The cost of one Ilizarow fixator equals PLN 20,000. We have to add also a cost of each surgery approximately PLN10,000 and multiple expences concerned with our visits in ORTOP Polyclinic in Poznań


I know that your hearts are wide opened to help me and my family to raise funds for my recovery.


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